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Virginia latest state to legalizes cannabis

Virginia legal marijuana law will go into effect on July 1

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed a new law legalizing marijuana in the state Wednesday.

It will go into effect on July 1, making Virginia the 17th state and first in the South to legalize cannabis for adult use.

“We are moving forward in a way that promotes equity, provides a clean slate to those with prior convictions, and reinvests in the communities harmed by over-criminalization,” Northam tweeted, along with a photo from the bill signing.

Northam had sent a prior version of the bill back to state lawmakers with recommended changes that included moving up the date it would go into effect by three years.

At a news conference Wednesday, the governor said Black Virginians are three times as likely as White residents to be arrested on low-level marijuana charges, despite usage being roughly equal among all races.

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