2019 is right around the corner, which means the holiday rush is almost over. If you’ve spent the better part of the last few months visiting relatives, traveling, and spending your entire paycheck on gifts for your loved ones, you’re probably feeling the need to blow off some steam and welcome in the New Year.

‘Tis the season to get together with your closest friends and family to watch the ball drop. Here’s how to throw an awesome NYE party featuring cannabis.

Theme: Let's get wild!

Your theme will be the general look, feel and vibe of your party, so make sure you have a clear idea of what you want your party to look like before doing anything. With a clear picture in mind, you can pick out decorations, games, and refreshments that will make the most sense for your get together, whether you expect it to be lazy or crazy!

If you’re in a pinch, you can’t go wrong with silver and gold. Think bright and shiny, with golden decorations, bright lights, lots of champagne and sparkling treats. If you want to include cannabis, create your own cannabis bar to match the decor that includes dazzling trichome covered weed and personal glass bowls as party favors. Think classy.

Party Favors: The right weed for the night

With your pre-party plans in motion, its a good idea to also get your cannabis game strong for the night. If you're hosting, it is always a good idea to have some "refreshments" for your guest to enjoy. For a night of fun and mixing it up, we recommend a mix of pre-rolls and vapes. Vapes are great for indoor smoking but when the ball drops you're gonna want to spark a blunt and roll into 2019 like a G.

Fashion: Encourage your guests to dress up to match your theme

Even if you’re just partying at your house with the neighbors down the way, it’s fun to dress up and make memories. Encouraging your guests to participate by dressing up or wearing a costume will create a ton of conversation among your guests as well as make everyone feel more comfortable. Plus, you can always include a photo op in your decorating that will make your guests look extra festive and special.

If you go with a silver and gold theme, encourage your guests to dress brighter and shinier than the decor by wearing sparkly clothes and accessories. You can also pass out matching silver or gold party hats so that nobody feels left out if they don’t match dress code. Make weed a headlining theme by passing out these festive cannabis headbands instead of hats.

Decor: Decorate to match

Don’t make things weird by not decorating for your party. If you’re telling everyone to dress up to match your theme, you need to find some spiffy stuff to help create the immersion that helps to make parties fun! Your theme will determine just how overboard you want to go, and decorating, like everything else, can be tailored to be lazy or crazy. It also helps to include a designated place for your guests to take pictures at your swanky party in their festive party clothes!

If you go with the silver and gold theme, choose gold, rose gold, silver, and frosted decorations. Set up a matching photo booth with a golden backdrop to match. If cannabis is a big part of it, get cannabis decor in silver and gold and use custom signs to direct guests to the cannabis-friendly areas, like your cannabis bar, your dab area and the area that is vape friendly.

Food: Choose what to serve

Refreshments are there for your guests to enjoy, so be sure to put that above the need to match your theme. If your friends are partiers, have a little bit of everything available! If they prefer to just hang out and smoke weed, have a cannabis bar set up for the evening! The number one necessity is plenty of bubbly to ring in the new year, though.

If you go with the silver and gold theme, make sure you have plenty of champagne available. You should also have plenty of water available as well as the makings for basic cocktails. You can either have a catering company feed everyone, or you can go potluck style and have all of your guests bring an appetizer.  If you are serving cannabis, be sure to set up a cannabis bar and several cannabis friendly areas in your home so that a line never forms. To save a little money, encourage your guests to bring their own bud and booze.

Games: Let's have some fun

A party can only be so good with nothing but conversation and refreshments. It’s a good idea to find a few activities that you and your friends can all do together aside from standing around at midnight to watch the ball drop. Sometimes games are simple, like setting up darts, bags, and card games for guests to enjoy at their leisure. You can also set up party lights and turn music on so your guests can listen, be high and watch a visualizer. You can play smoking or drinking games until midnight. You can also play games and activities for prizes!

Hopefully, these tips have given you some guidance on having an awesome and highly fun New Year's Eve party.