Do you have a special stoner on your Christmas list this year? If so, you probably know how tricky it can be to find the perfect gift for those cannabis enthusiasts.

By Nicole Flanigan, Muncheez Editoral Staff

Not only are stoners usually pretty well equipped with the essentials, like papers and glass, but they also tend to be a little picky about the products they use. If you’re stumped this year, here’s a list of the top 6 Christmas gifts for the potheads in your life this that won’t break your bank.

Holiday Vape Pen by Select Oils

Select Oils has built a reputation as the go to for consistent THC/CBD products. With a cult following and great products its easy to see why they are a great gift to give to someone who is a daily user or just curious. The Holiday Vape pen hits with a fun and festive peppermint flavor—this cooling blend will help anyone get into the winter spirit with a breath of crisp air in every puff.

Beboe Besties Box by Beboe

Beboe is an up and coming California marijuana-infused candy company that also makes vapes and drinks. They make 2 boxes that are perfect as a stocking stuffer or as a small wrapped gift. The first, the Beboe Besties box, contains a small pack of infused lozenges and a vape in a cute grey and rose gold package. The other box, called the Beboe Box, is a 3-piece set that includes a THC vape, a CBD vape, and some candies. It’s perfect for microdosers and comes in a stylish pink and gold box. Both boxes are sampler sized, but they include pastilles made with a sativa blend to add an energizing, happy high to the effects. Either way, these beautiful boxes are sure to delight aesthetic girlfriends and candy enthusiasts.

Premium Oil Cartridges by LA Kush

LA Kush is a cannabis company that makes fire weed and incredible vape cartridges in 9 different award-winning flavors. Their vibe is more on the aesthetic, “sexy” side of cannabis, and they have a ton of apparel and accessories available that showcase that ideal.  Get that special stoner an LA Kush hoodie, and stick an award-winning Kushberry Cheesecake vaporizer in the pocket to make it an awesome 2-for-1 gift.

The 510 by Sherbinskis

Sherbinskis is a new cannabis lifestyle brand that produces flower, vaporizers, apparel, home goods, and more. It comes from the famous Mr. Sherbinski, the renowned grower and creator of world-famous genetics, Sunset Sherbert and the Gelato line: Bacio, Acaiberry, Mochi, and Gello. The 510 is a traditional pen-style vaporizer, but larger. It has adjustable airflow and heat and a dual wall tank to prevent breaks. The pen itself comes in a soft orange matte finish. The cartridges come in all the strains mentioned above, and they taste AMAZING. Pair it with a Sherbinskis Pelican stash case to add some extra oomph.

Ceremony Case by Mister Green

This one is for the functional stoner on the go. The Ceremony Case is made with Italian leather and is designed to last, though it needs to be broken in. It has space inside for your weed, rolling papers, a lighter, pre-rolled joints or blunts, and even a small glass piece or one-hitter. Anything on the Mister Green web store is perfect for that extra aesthetic stoner in your life. While they don’t sell any actual cannabis products, they make a ton of lifestyle and culture products for people who like weed for pretty affordable prices. You can find everything from perfume and potpourri to homewares, aestheticy bongs, books, vaporizers, art, and apparel. This is your one-stop shop for stocking stuffers, so be sure to check it out.

Tetra Kit by Tetra Accessories

Tetra Accessories makes two kits that are perfect for your Christmas list. The first, the Tetra Starter Kit, comes in a beautiful mirrored, lidded box that would look nice on your mom’s coffee table even. It includes a smoked-glass ashtray, a Tetra Fog Pin, a silver Queue Stick lighter, and a Tetra Balance Pipe in your choice of green or pink. The second box is the Tetra Travel Kit, which is a leather travel case that contains everything an on the go stoner needs, including Tetra's unbleached hemp rolling papers, plus our white bronze Fog Pin for packing and fine-tuning, a flameless Slide lighter in gold, a green acrylic box for storage, and a jewel-like bottle of Japanese eye drops as a finishing touch. Tetra Accessories is a collective that helps small cannabis product designers sell their products. Anyone who is into art or just likes the look of clean lines and symmetry will enjoy the products available on the Tetra Accessories site, so if you can’t decide, gift cards are also available!