Who doesn't like chocolate? Exactly. Chocolate is something that can boost any mood, a way to say you're sorry, a celebratory treat or a regular night cap for someone with a sweet tooth such as mine. And the way chocolate is able to be used in so many different ways just increases the opportunity for everyone to enjoy; most recently, with cannabis.

Défoncé - Chocolate, elevated.

This isn't some regular degular cannabis infused chocolate. This isn't your average edible. This is pure magic in chocolate form. We're talking delectable Belgian chocolate and premium cannabis loving on each other to create an experience high above the rest. Défoncé partners with a highly respected 100+ year old Belgian gourmet chocolate manufacturer (so they know what they're doing), and a cocoa supplier that's the first Belgian chocolate company to shift to using sustainably grown cocoa (so ahead of the curve). They're looking out for the environment and us at the same time, the way it should be.

But what about the WEED?

It's free of pesticides, solvents and micro-organisms, cool. It's also grown in California, extracted and infused in Oakland (thank you Bay Area), and tested half a dozen times even though California requires far less. The extra mile they take with creating a high quality product shows and is greatly appreciated.

Espresso Milk Chocolate Bar - A classic candy bar with a generous tist of cannabis. Each square is 5mg of THC, 90mg total per bar and 54% organic cacao. Healthy chocolate and a hefty amount of THC to keep for a rainy day or with your morning cup of coffee to set the mood for the day.

Milk Chocolate Almond Bites - Part of the newest product expansion by Défoncé, these bites are perfect for on-the-go, only because they're small, but mighty. Each container has about 40 mg THC, 5mg per bite. If you like chocolate covered almonds, enjoy a bit of an upgrade with this infused snack; take them along with you on this journey we call life.

Matcha Tea White Chocolate 2-Squares - Also a part of the new product expansion are these low-dosage squares in the classic matcha tea white chocolate flavor. First, the flavor is right up my alley. Second, low-dosage means a lesser chance of being too greedy with my sweet tooth. There's only 2 squares per package, so it's a pretty ideal sized snack for in between checking items off your to-do list, or a quick fix when that to-do list starts to seem never ending.

Whether you experiment with edibles for the high, the relief, or both, Défoncé chocolates are the way to go if you want both super high quality chocolate (duh) and premium cannabis flava to round out a nice, comfortable high. Relax, unwind, take your shoes off, untie your hair, run a bath, make some tea, snuggle up, light a fire, put on a movie, get the creative juices flowing, and enjoy.