As someone who smokes a lot of weed and has very little responsibility aside from making sure my clients get their content on time, I get to watch a lot of cartoons and play a lot of video games.

By Nicole Flanigan, Muncheez Editoral Staff

I have been playing video games since I was old enough to read (which was heckin’ early, @ Hooked on Phonics, god bless) and I still find them just as magical as I did when they were short, difficult, and ultra-low res.

In fact, now that I’m old enough to add weed to video games, they’re probably the most magical they’ve ever been.

Out of all the games and genres I regularly smoke out and play and enjoy I’m especially drawn toward single-player open-world RPG’s, which is why the first post in this series is all about the best role-playing games to play while high. We’ll include new games and old games that put you in the shoes of someone amazing, which is sure to add to hours and hours of stoney fun.



Skyrim has been released and re-released like 100 times since its initial launch in 2011 because it’s suitable for pretty much all ages and skill levels.

You start as a prisoner headed to the execution block when a dragon arrives and destroys the city. Come to find out, you are the last living Dragonborn and you have to beef yourself up in order to defeat the dragon menace that has arrived in the province of Skyrim. In this game, you can do or be whoever (or whatever) you want to be.


I like to get really toasted and play it for hours at a time because the game is so immersive that you feel like you’re actually there sometimes and it’s a nice little escape from reality after a crappy day.


When I’m high I get to be more creative and better at thinking critically as I play. I am a horse-riding assassin lizard thief married to a werewolf with 2 adopted children. I am just as powerful as God himself. I can eat bees to learn about alchemy and I kill dragons by yelling at them.

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Get stoned, and rebrand yourself as a cat dude or something. It’s awesome.