Flying can be the worst way to travel. Airports are stressful, expensive and overcrowded. Airplanes are tight, cramped and whiskey shots are $9.

Luckily for the average traveler, cannabis comes in many forms. If you’re looking to get through a long flight with nothing to do and no access to actual weed, these products will do ya dandy and keep you elevated for hours.

Best Edible: Sensi Chew
Sensi Chews are our favorite because these little chocolate bars pack a wallop. If you prefer to sleep, Sensi Chew’s Insomnia line is infused with Melatonin, a known sleep aid. Insomnia plus also contains 60 milligrams of CBD, which is known to help relax the muscles and help us get to sleep. If you prefer to stay energized and focused, Sensi Chew makes a sativa bar as well as an energy bar. Both are made to keep you happy and high without making you feel foggy or sleepy which is great for spending that time on work without being annoyed by all of the people around you.

Best Vaporizer: Pure Vape
Pure Vape is one of our favorite vaporizer brands because their entire product line is designed with discreet in mind. They make small disposable pens as well as full-sized batteries and cartridges, all of which produce odorless vapor and easily fit inside a pocket or purse for quick use. It can be hit just about anywhere and leave no odor and very little visible vapor. Best of all, it looks like any ordinary vape and won’t turn heads with the TSA. If you want to sleep, go for the indica Hardcore OG. If you want mental clarity and focus while you work, try the sativa Green Crack.

Best Tincture/Oil: Care By Design
Care By Design CBD:THC tinctures make for a very controlled and discreet flying option. With a nice CBD/THC balance, you can expect to feel high and focused, but also relaxed and at peace with your surroundings thanks to the anti-anxiety and relaxing effects of CBD. It’s great for long flights because you can have it handy and take more as needed, but you can expect the high from the first dose to last several hours, which will get you through your flight and your layovers.