Lately, a mysterious brand has made its way back into dispensaries all over California. We’re talking of course about Alpine Vapor. Alpine Vapor doesn’t have any information on its website, however, even with a minimal digital brand identity, it’s stirring up a lot of attention. Why? Because Alpine Vapor’s live resin cartridges are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Alpine Vapor’s Live Resin cartridges taste better, hit harder, and produce more vapor than most others currently available. Their live resin cartridges are handcrafted in small batches with all-natural, sun-grown cannabis. They use a distillation method to create a pure and potent cannabis oil without the use of any harsh solvents or chemicals. The final result is full of cannabinoids and natural strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes that add a considerable uptick in flavor.

We’ve had the chance to try a few of these live resin cartridges, and Jack Herer is without a doubt the best one. Jack Herer is a clear-headed sativa strain that is known for promoting an uplifted and motivated high as well as physical relaxation in the body and creativity. Alpine Vapor’s extraction method allows their cartridges to preserve and reflect the natural terpene and flavor profiles taken from the Jack Herer strain.

The live resin cartridges are also full-spectrum, meaning they offer the full range of health benefits of the terpenes and cannabinoids. While they usually test around 72% THC, the effects can come on stronger and feel more potent than a distillate cartridge would. This is all thanks to the additional cannabinoids and natural terpenes!

Full-spectrum doesn’t mean less safe, though. Alpine Vapors holds all of their products to a high level of scrutiny, control, and testing standards to ensure their products are reliable and consistent. Every batch is tested in-house using advanced high-pressure liquid chromatography to provide balance. However, it’s always tested again at SC Labs to ensure the products contain no solvents, pesticides, or impurities.

Alpine Vapor offers its own branded battery to use with their live resin cartridges, but their cartridges will also fit any standard 510-thread battery.