By definition, “sonder” is the odd feeling you get when you realize that everyone has a life as rich, complex and uniquely-weird as your own. And further, that they’re continually living and experiencing it as deeply as you are whether you’re aware of it or not.

If you pair that unique sonder feeling with a cannabis high, then add conversation and some choice friends, you get Sonder.

Sonder is a brand-new cannabis vaporizer company that believes in sharing the power of cannabis to bring people closer together and to inspire them to lead more creative and curious lives.

Years of propaganda left many believing that cannabis is a drug that people use to disconnect or escape from the world. In reality, cannabis helps us to use creativity to engage deeper with ourselves, wonder at the world, and love the people in it.

Sonder was founded by two badass marketing and design queens known as Faun Chapin and Meg Paradise. They’ve spent their lives creating impactful brands for their clients from their design studio Guts & Glory in Oakland, CA. In 2018 they decided to pursue cannabis to build their own company that is deeply rooted in creativity for like-minded doers and dreamers. Their goal with Sonder is to delight and inspire a sense of wonder in this brave new world.

Here’s a quick rundown on Sonder’s current vaporizer products and a short list of places you can give them a try.

Sonder Origin Oils

Sonder’s Single Origin Oils are made using a single cannabis strain and its terpene profile instead of many strains with different terpene profiles. Sonder’s Origin Oils come in several different strains, including SFV OG, Green Crack, Gorilla Glue #4, Blue Dream, Deadhead OG, Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel. There are many different indica, sativa, and hybrid options available. Best of all, Sonder’s oils are only made with sun-grown cannabis from small family-run farms in the Mendocino region of California. They utilize sustainable farming practices, completely omit pesticides, and only use organic fertilizers. This transparency lets you rest assured that the terpenes and cannabinoids you’re putting in your body are as natural as they can be. This mindfulness in their business helps Sonder to achieve its vision of promoting and spreading ‘Creativity, Curiosity, & Wonder.’

Sonder Blends

Sonder also offers the Sonder Blends line which comes in two varieties: Indica and Sativa. The sativa blend is an energizing and uplifting combination of the different sativa strains grown on Sonder’s family-run farms in Mendocino County, California. Best of all, it tastes like sweet, tropical fruit. The indica variety is excellent for promoting full body relaxation and sleep. The strains processed for the indica blend were grown on the same pesticide-free farms as the sativa blend. If you prefer a more pungent and earthy flavor profile, you’ll love Sonder’s Indica Blend.

Sonder Explorer Kit

Sonder’s Explorer Kit is an excellent option if you’re new to Sonder products and want to see what all the fuss is about. The Explorer Kit also makes a great gift to surprise your favorite stoner with since the packaging is unique and creative. It comes with Sonder’s battery which is precisely calibrated to be the perfect temperature to bring out all of the terpenes and flavonoids in the Origin Oils and Blends. It also comes with a sativa cartridge that promotes energy and creativity, hence the name “explorer kit”!

Sonder was founded by two individuals with a very deep love for cannabis as a tool to help us connect with our creativity and help us engage deeply with ourselves, the world around us, and the people around us. The goal of the Explorer Kit is to help you get in the right mindstate to get out there and live.

The cartridges themselves are made of only ceramic, stainless steel and glass. There is no plastic or any wicks involved, so you don’t have to worry about smoking anything other than Sonder’s high-grade cannabis oil. Best of all, the mouthpiece is ceramic, so you don’t have to put any potentially harmful plastic or metal in your mouth.

The battery is similar in functionality to most other batteries. Press the button five times to turn the battery on and off, and press it three times to change the temperature setting. There are three settings on the battery which have been specifically designed to help bring out the best flavors in Sonder oils without overheating.

Where to find Sonder

Sonder is currently only available at MedMen locations in California. Keep an eye on Sonder’s website though; they’re definitely sure to appear in more dispensaries soon!