Beerbongs and Bentley's artist Post Malone is reportedly set to enter the cannabis industry with his very own line of cannabis products.

The new brand called Shaboink was debuted at the Hall of Flowers trade show in Santa Rosa, CA earlier this year.

While it's a lot of fun to say, Shaboink is actually a slang term.  Shaboink is "the act of two people fornicating in a wild spontaneous fashion," which gives us high hopes for the brand. I mean, who doesn't want to fornicate in wild spontaneous fashion, or at the very least, be on that level of "high"?

Shaboink is set to launch on Posty's 24th birthday officially, the 4th of July, 2019, so keep an eye out at your favorite dispensary to see if these products will be dropping near you.

Shaboink Products

What would a new brand be without products? Post Malone says his new brand will offer the essentials like flower, pre-rolled joints, vaporizer cartridges, and CBD products. Insiders say that Shaboink weed will be grown and manufactured by Hemper, a company that offers a monthly subscription box for smoking accessories.

Malone didn't forget the accessories either and plans to offer additional Shaboink swag including rolling papers, stickers, grinders, and other merchandise.

Where to find Shaboink

Since Shaboink isn't officially launched, you can't find it in any stores. At its launch, the products will be available in California dispensaries. Check back after the 4th of July for more information!