By Nicole Flanigan, Muncheez Editorial Staff

The furry fandom is alive and well both online and in real life. The furry fandom is a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human-like personalities and characteristics that include traits like talking, walking on two legs, human eyes or expressions, hands and feet, breasts, and more. If you don’t always feel 100% human or you identify yourself as “otherkin” you may take an interest in becoming a part of the furry fandom since it’s all about staying true to yourself, expressing yourself, and being kind.

Furries and cannabis go hand-in-hand too, and here’s how to love both the right way.

Find your inner animal. Smoke Kali Mist to get reflective and connect with your inner beast.

Your Fursona is an extension of your identity and it needs to reflect you and your best qualities or the qualities you wish you had! Nearly every furry has a fursona that they use to interact with other furries, whether online or at furry conventions. Having trouble picking your Fursona? Try smoking an uplifting and creative strain such as Kali Mist. This potent sativa strain packs a powerful punch and offers a clear-headed and energetic mental effect that is perfect for helping you to express yourself creatively and get in touch with who you really are!

Feeling anxious about attending your first convention? Smoke some Cannatonic to calm down.

Everyone you’ll meet at the convention was a first-timer once! Thankfully the Furry community is full of love and acceptance. Just remember you are around other members of the fandom who share similar interests to yours. If the nerves are still eating at you, you need a couple puffs from the Cannatonic strain. Cannatonic has a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, which makes it great for stress and anxiety relief without having too overwhelming of a high. If you are unsure about smoking or maybe edible, check out this handy guide.

Time to join the pack! If you’re meeting lots of new people at once, smoke Banana Kush to get social and unwind.

Most furries identify themselves as shy and introverted, and sometimes socializing can be tough and conversation can be difficult. If you want to feel like a smooth, easy-talker then Banana Kush is the strain for you. It’s a west-coast strain that is indica-dominant with a sativa head high that smells and tastes like bananas. It’s the perfect strain for helping you feel more creative which can spark interesting conversations. It’s also good for relaxing introverts who get drained being around people, which happens to most introverts. Want to try cannabis a different way? Here are some tips from Muncheez to get you going.