Halloween while high on weed is different than Halloween while under the influence of your typical staples, like pumpkin beer or witch’s brew. I mean it gets pretty crazy when you get people in scary costumes ringing your bell all hours of the night while you’re feeling psychedelic effects of a high dose of edibles.

Today there are plenty of killer Halloween strains in the SoCal area that will help you find that perfect level. Whether your goal for the night is to kick back with a bowl after trick or treating and pick through your kids candy bag or to just get REALLY into a scary movie (or TV show. I can’t get ENOUGH of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix), there are plenty of spooky cannabis strains out there to elevate the spirit of Halloween.

Below are 3 of the best Halloween strains available today in the SoCal area with a little something for everyone.

Bloodwalker (hybrid)

This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Cherry Pie and Mazar X Blueberry with a very unique flavor profile that includes gas and spice with a cloying sweet aftertaste. It’s a very relaxing and uplifting strain that is said to boost creativity, which makes it great for helping you find the inspiration to carve an ultra-unique jack-o-lantern or apply some serious costume makeup.

Find it here

Zombie Kush (indica)

Feel like an extra from the Walking Dead after work today? Zombie Kush is the perfect halloween strain to bring you back to life. This heavy, award-winning indica made from Bubba Kush and Sideral has an intense earthy and purple flavor. On the nose it smells super weird and that weird smell becomes a very pungent, but pleasant flavor. This strain will relax you and help you eat as well as help you get to sleep. If you’re planning on a quiet night in with a scary movie, Zombie Kush is for you.

Jack Skellington (sativa)

Named after the pumpkin king from Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas, this whimsical sativa offers potent psychoactive effects that elevate creativity and introspection to a whole new level. Jack Skellington is a beautiful strain covered in resin and trichomes from a cross between Jack the Ripper and Killer Queen. It has much lighter citrus flavors with wood and gas flavor on the exhale. It’s great for managing stress and will make you creative, talkative happy, and energetic.