Fantasy football continues to be more and more fun to play as the season continues. The Rams are on FIRE this year!

By Nicole Flanigan, Muncheez Editoral Staff

However, sometimes all those little facts and figures and player statistics can be a whole awful lot to keep track of, which is why we recommend these 5 cannabis strains to help boost your brainpower and think more clearly while making all those damning executive decisions for your fantasy lineup.

1. Lemon Haze by Flav

Lemon Haze is one of the uppitiest sativas out there and people tend to go for it when duty calls for energetic euphoria and creativity, like when working on your fantasy football lineup. This strain also provides you with laser focus as well as a sense of contented euphoria.

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2. Sour Diesel by Kurvana

Another great sativa that is more easily accessible (and less likely to make you anxious) is Sour Diesel. Like Cinex, Sour Diesel also offers a very speedy energetic feeling along with a potent euphoric feeling. It’s been studied recently for medical conditions like ADD and ADHD since it can shine a new light on everyday mundane tasks and make them feel new and interesting, which can also be applied to that Draftkings lineup.

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3. Canndescent Connect

If you do most of your fantasy work after you get home from your 9-5, you might want to unwind with an indica strain that still helps you focus. Canndescent Connect is a great strain for mental clarity as most of its effects are more in the body. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a potent head-high, but you won’t be zonked like many hybrids will make you. This strain is great for kicking back on the couch and snacking and will make you feel happy and relaxed as well as focused and creative.

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