LA Flora Organica by Jessimae Peluso

You may recognize Jessimae Peluso from her stand-up, or her guest appearances on Girl Code, Getting Doug With High and Comedy Central’s The High Court. Peluso has been doing standup for 14 years, starting out in New York and later moving to California in 2013. Between meetings, touring, shooting pilots, hosting her own late show and building her TV profile, she’s somehow found time to open a dispensary, LA Flora Organica.

It was only a year ago that the idea of opening a dispensary crossed her mind. Soon it will be a reality. Peluso and her trusted business partner, Travis, want to improve people’s lives. She says the process has been like painting: “You add a color, walk away . . . add something else…”

The dispensary is still in the process of licensing and is expected to open soon. “It’s stressful dealing with the idea of being a business owner,” Peluso laughs. She made the transition to smoking marijuana when she moved to California, stating, “I don’t smoke to get high. I smoke to get right.” She continues, “A joint and a bottle of red wine. That’s how I wine and dine myself.” And she considers herself a conservative smoker: “I don’t fuck with dabs. I’m old school. I like flower.”

Peluso’s involvement in the cannabis industry was the result of numerous factors: some of her family members were sick, California had just legalized recreational use, and opportunity struck at the right time. “Comedy is my bread and butter,” she explains. “It’s not about the money. People deserve to have a happy, healthy life. Look at the opioid epidemic. If I can help people in recovery, I want to be part of that.”

LA Flora Organica opens in June 2018 near USC in South Central Los Angeles. The dispensary will feature all-organic products from esteemed cannabusinesses such as Honey Bear Farms, among others. | Instagram: @jessimaepeluso | Twitter: @JessimaePeluso | Facebook: @LAFloraOrganica