Smoking marijuana is so retro. It's 2019. It's time to vape, which removes 95% of the smoke inhaled and minimizes the harmful by-products. Guess what else? It tastes better too. Korova, a master maker of famous, marijuana-infused cookies, has debuted a delectable line of vapes. Vaping itself is a connoisseur's cannabis experience. Cannabinoids are highly combustible when they are smoked the old-fashioned way. Many of the delicate terpene hints of your favorite marijuana strains taste better when vaped. Here are our top picks from Korova.

Mendo Breath: Indica Vape

Indica aficionados will love the deep unwind Korova's Mendo Breath offers. It's a perfect nightcap after a long day at work, or the perfect pairing for a long, lazy weekend enjoying the comforts of home. The dominant terpenes in this vape are D-Limonene and Linalool, both renown for their relaxation-inducing properties. Add this vape to your after work self-care regimen and kiss burn out goodbye. Turn on some great music, and you'll be on your way to a blissful break.

Gelato Hybrid Vape

Ever want to gorge yourself on some yummy sherbet or Gelato but afraid of the calories? Now you can indulge with this tasty offering, which is Korova's most popular flavor on Instagram. You don't have to wait for your diet cheat day to enjoy this Gelato! Fruity and sweet, this hybrid strain is relaxing, but not lethargic. Try it before a brisk walk, especially with good friends. The terpene profile is B-Caryophyllene dominant, giving it some spice and powerful pain fighting properties. A strong presence of D-Limonene also promotes relaxation. The crisp citrus aroma comes from the natural terpene sabinene, which is a known anti-inflammatory. Korova's Gelato hybrid is a sweet treat you can feel good about.

Super Silver Haze Sativa Vape

Your morning coffee habit may take a backseat to your new morning vape habit, with the ultra-uplifting Super Silver Haze. This daytime Sativa is meant to wake you up and get your creative, adventurous mojo going. Terpinolene is the star of this experience, with its refreshing taste. B-Caryophyllene wakes you up with its spiciness. It's stimulating, yet relaxing at the same time, with a distinct haze aroma you'll love. Coffee and cannabis—what a pair! That's a good morning, so seize the day.  

Cannabis connoisseurs, it's time to make a change. So many of the tempting terpenes of marijuana get lost in traditional smoking, due to the heat of combustion. Korova boasts unrivaled taste in its marijuana product offerings. Korova vapes can reintroduce you to all the delicate flavors and subtleties you've been missing out on. Korova made its name with its delightful cookies. Now, they've mastered delicious vapes too, so sample some Super Silver Haze, Gelato or Mendo Breath today for a unique connoisseur experience.