At the moment, the majority of the U.S. has either fully legalized cannabis, legalized it for medical use or simply decriminalized it, which is still a step in the right direction to full legalization. The days of planning your time around your weed supplier's schedule are over! And in some states, all you need is a valid license + be over 21 to walk into a dispensary and walk out with some product. We have really come a long way since copping dime bags and splitting the cost between friends as broke college students and I am Curaleaf is one of those dispensaries that are changing the game as the days pass, so you should go ahead and become familiar with the name; chances are, there's a dispensary near you right now.

Formerly Spark Dispensary, Curaleaf is the largest national retail dispensary in the U.S. currently, so they have to know what they're doing, right? Offering over 150 strains & 100+ formulated products are a couple of enticing facts that make me want to order online like yesterday. Plus, along with their dispensary expansions, Curaleaf also just launched a hemp research project with the University of Connecticut to develop advanced cultivation processes towards increasing production levels - talk about staying ahead of the curve.

Online, Curaleaf offers daily deals and a rewards program for frequent customers; they know what we want, and it's PERKS. Their Cannabis 101 info page gives you the rundown on their products so you can decide what to purchase and how to administer it. Are you more keen to inhalation (fastest), oral (strongest), or topical (best for localized pain/discomfort)?

iLava Touch Topical Cream

Perfect for general aches and pains, you can't go wrong with iLava. It also works wonders for skin conditions like Rosacea, relieving inflammation and pain while hydrating at the same time. And three-way essential oil blend adds a euphoric and calming scent of mango, ginger and blue tansy when applying.

Nectar Farms Ashy Larry Flower

The name alone has me intrigued enough to buy. This hybrid strain is originally from Southern California with a full flavored citrus aroma and "ash" color, making for some really good looking nugs and an equally delicious joint. This strain will give you that high where your body feels good, but not sluggish so you can still get things done. The perfect mix for every day.

Hi Buddy Honey

THC infused honey, need I say more? This is an indica based product, keep that in mind when you're mixing it in with your morning tea or spreading it on... anything. It's pure, unfiltered Arizona honey so all the important enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants are present and ready to do their thing.

Curaleaf continues to expand day by day, with plans to open more dispensaries in more states as laws change. Visit their online shop for a full menu of products available, specific to your location.