Rosemary Essential Oil + 100mg CBD (10ml) By Topikal CBD
Golden Leaf - Burbank
Golden Leaf - Burbank

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Rosemary has become very popular in the recent years because of its wide array of health benefits. including its ability to stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems, and reduce pain. Rosemary is generally known as an herb used for cooking, mainly popular in the Mediterranean region. Rosemary has been used for multiple reasons in its lifetime including cosmetics, medicine and most importantly religion. during the Middle Ages it was used to get rid of evil spirits. Topikal has added hemp extract to this already amazing essential oil which makes it perfect for meditation. We use rosemary during meditation to feel a sense of clarity and to feel uplifted. Try yours today! 5 Benefits of Rosemary 1. Hair Care 2. Relieves Pain 3. Treats Respiratory Problems 4. Sharpens The Mind 5. Anti-Ageing Property

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